An Effortless Timepiece.


 Normally I’m not one for arm candy but lately cute little details have been calling my name.

A few months back I was gifted this classic watch, and ever since then it’s been on serious arm repeat.

If you haven’t heard of Daniel Wellington, get out from underneath that rock you’re living under and click here.


If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I’m all about effortless, chic, sustainable and VERSATILE fashion. This watch definitely fits the bill.

When I ordered the Bristol it was shipped in a timely manner  and came in the most perfect packaging, little did I know how life changing this little piece would be.

At first I really struggled to remember to wear my watch, it was more of an accessory than a necessity.robin2_kfp16_24

Slowly I started wearing it more and more because I liked having that cute little extra oompf to add to my outfits.

Now after about 2 months, I can’t leave the house without it!


If you’re like me and still doing your last minute Christmas Shopping… I recommend checking out Daniel Wellington, for a timeless gift to put into your loved ones stocking this year or under your adorable Christmas Tree!

You can use the code “MYCLOSETJOURNEY” for 15% off ! #happyshopping




The Perfect Girls Day: Black Friday Edition.


Do you ever direly need a girl’s day ? I know that I totally do.

I actually get a bit cranky if I don’t have time to see my friends! When West Edmonton Mall invited myself and two other FABULOUS blogger babes for a day of shopping, I was thrilled! A day with two of my equally obsessed fashion friends and SHOPPING ?

It can’t get much better, except it did…. We got to have our girl’s day on Black Friday, which is newer to Canada but still results with AMAZING SALES, everywhere.


Our day started at 7:30am (a little too early for my hibernating soul) at H&M, which was totally worth it ! Although I’m not one for fast fashion more often than not, I was still able to pick up some great goodies at a steal of a deal.

After that we hit up what I like to call the “Usual Suspects” , and some of my personal favorite stores such as Lush, Aritzia, Sephora, and Simons.

After our first few hours we made a quick stop for breakfast at the ever so fitting, delicious and totally instagrammable Caffe-Sorrentino !


Throughout the day we were able to find so many sales that our arms kept getting full with shopping bags, which if you’ve ever done this … you know it’s the WORST !

Thankfully  we were able to take a rest stop on their beautiful replica of the Santa Maria !


(Photo was taken by Ana from March and May Blog)

And let’s talk about the FOOD, throughout the day we able to stuff ourselves with delicious eats! For lunch we went to Mr.Mikes on Bourbon Street , it was scrumptious and filling — totally a must eat !


Our afternoon was spent taking cute outfit photos , snapping like crazy and enjoying the company all while finding great deals and checking off our own Christmas wishlist for ourselves and for our loved ones !


We finished our day off with an extravagantly fabulous dinner at the L2 Grill !

Although my Christmas shopping is done I will definitely be back at West Edmonton Mall to pick up my last minute stocking stuffers !



** This post was sponsored by West Edmonton Mall, all thoughts and opinions are my own**


Cold: The season.

robin_nov_kfp16_42(Rose Merino Wool Handwarmers, similar here)

Cold: The season, is a serious thing here in the lovely city of Edmonton. Unfortunately it’s normal for this time of year for temperatures to drop below -15 degrees celsius.

Thankfully I got these beautiful handwarmers just in time to make blogging , taking photos and texting in the freezing cold bearable.

robin_nov_kfp16_39 (Merino Wool Cable Knit, similar here)

With beautiful intricate details, quality fabric and comfort kept completely kept in mind these handwarmers have been a saving grace thus far!

Valerie Baber Designs offer a wide range of handmade knit accessories that are amazing for any time of the year !


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the detail lover in your life be sure to check out her breathtaking designs on Instagram or Etsy  !


You can use the code “SAVE20” for 20% off your order ! #happyshopping


** I was gifted these handwarmers to style and review, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

Photography was done by: Karly Ford

Not Perfect Linen.


Consciously shopping has changed how I purchase, wear and buy things. Over time it subliminally sunk into my head that quality over quantity is best, and that you should know where your clothing comes from.

Clothing should make you feel good, fit effortlessly and make you happy.


 not Perfect Linen is a perfect fit for that. Not only does it come from a consciously made place but it was also hassle free.

The idea of the clothing is for it to be simple, versatile and comfy.

It is made from the best of fabrics and made simply. It isn’t supposed to be perfectly ironed or hard to get on, like many beautiful pieces are. It’s supposed to be easy, effortless and natural feeling.


It is some of the comfiest clothing I’ve EVER been able to add to my wardrobe.

You can shop the pieces above here:

Washed Linen Top 

Long Sleeve Dress

T-Shirt Dress 

** I was gifted these pieces to style & review, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

Photography was done by Karly Ford & Tye Eldridge

Lit kicks.


A while back I was gifted these amazing shoes from My Pop Shoes !

They are fabulously versatile, comfy and best of all Canadian Made ! They ship internationally and have a huge selection to choose from as well !


They also have a cool little kicker to them : they light up and are completely rechargeable.

They make for killer photos and are GREAT at night time !


And to top it all off they let me relive my childhood dreams of light up shoes, except they’re a million times cooler !

** I was gifted these shoes to style and review, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

Photography was done by: Jesse Martineau