Fall Trends 2017 & Life Update


After a long break I can say I’m finally ready to come back to blogging. To be blunt I fell out of love with writing and felt uninspired, my summer despite my Instagram photos was a rough one—there was a lot going on behind the scenes I was dealing with and now have officially dealt with which means I can come back full force, I feel re-inspired and ready to take on the world yet again.

September 21st has already come and gone and this is the first year I can say I’m ready for fall—especially fashion wise, I’ve been prepping since early August this year to make sure my fall wardrobe was on point!

This year I find I’m finding myself ONLY picking pieces I’m absolutely head over heels in love with! With the cooler temperatures coming I wanted to put together the ultimate Fall Fashion Guide of all the pieces I love & things I can live without this season!

Trends I <3:

Captain Hats: The hat that’s been blowing up your  insta-feed, simple, plain and chic AF I’m into it and already bought one and can feel myself wanting to buy a few more (oops) . I find having long hair has reinvigorated my love for hats which means you can expect to see my captain hat a LOT this fall. You can buy some great ones from Simons, Marshalls and I’ve even spotted some at Forever 21!

Faux Fur/Furs: Fur’s are forever a fave of mine, as an animal lover I usually go for the faux kind–I’ve been super into dramatic furs that are colorful and edgy. They take any outfit an add a F@$K ton of glam. Just call me Queen.

Stripes: Stripes are a great neutral that you can pretty much pair with anything, I’ve been super into 20’s inspired stripes- thin, clean and timeless. For fall I’ll likely be layering stipes with whatever I can humanly get away with fashion wise.

Checked Blazers: YAS. THIS TREND WINS. For real, I’m head over heels and need to find the perfect checked blazer I saw this trend a while ago on one of my favourite instagrammers Lorna Luxe and have seen many ‘grammers pull it off since and I’m definitely on board. It adds that “back to school” feel to fall that I always love but is also tasteful and elegant. You can find some unreal ones at Zara, H & M and Maison Simons! 

Pantsuits: Honestly, I never thought this one would ever make my list of trends I love but I have officially fallen in love. A classic 2 piece pantsuit should have a place in every woman’s closet this fall.

Burgundy: For Fall? Ground breaking. Although this is a trend we see come back every year, there’s a reason it does. With deep, bold, stunning colours that match fall leaves this trend is a must.

Glitter Everythangggg: Glitter should be everyone’s best friend, and if it’s not you’re doing it wrong. This season you expect to see tons of casual day looks glammed up with glitter, sequins and sparkle. Glitter Shoes, Glitter Dresses and Glitter Wardrobes ? Count me in. I’m always ready to sparkle.

Western Inspired Looks: This was a trend that was pretty prominent throughout the summer months and one of the few that I really integrated into my wardrobe—after being inspired by West World (a MUST-watch show on HBO) to rock major ruffles and country inspired prints you can bet your fine a$$ that I’ll be repping more of this trend in the cooler months. You can find some of my fave fall pieces here… etc

Fishnets: Fishnets used to be so cliché but this season you’ll definitely catch me in stockings and socks—I’ll be using fishnets as layering piece this fall and honestly can’t wait to channel my inner Kendall Jenner.

Velvet: Yes please, I’m 150% on board with velvet. It’s thick, cozy and looks chic AF with just about anything. I’ve already bought a royal blue velvet tee and honestly I’m so excited to wear it!

Trends I can live without:

Bomber Jackets: Bomber jackets WAS a trend I had forever been in love with especially ones with elaborate embroidery (think Gucci) until I got one myself—I realized the fit and look are not for me… although I may try and conquer my woes with bomber jackets, wish me luck!

Keyhole Cut-outs: Last year I had a sweater that had a keyhole cut-out and it was adorable, something clicked this year and I realized I’m 150 shades of over it.

Cold Shoulders: I feel as though I never got into this trend, to me it always seemed counter productive to have a long sleeve sweater with cut out shoulders, if you have any advice on how I can fall in love with this trend PLEASE, let me know.

De-Constructed Pieces: As much as I love a good de-constructed piece, it has it’s place and that’s in the high fashion world. You can expect this to be all over the runway this season but it will definitely not be entering my closet! They’re not only hard to pull off but generally speaking hard to find more affordable pieces and in my mind it’s not worth the splurge!

Until next time…

Photography was done by Sara Jewell






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