Travel in Style:Canmore

Wine in Canmore

Living in Edmonton I find it necessary to escape, frequently. When I was younger I spent almost every weekend in the mountains, slowly but surely they became a second home to me. Naturally, as an adult I have grown to really appreciate my childhood & being able to spend much of it in the mountains.

To kick off #mcjtravels I  figured there was no better way to start then to take a trip to my “second home”. With Canmore being a short 4 hour drive from home it was a no brainer.

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24 Hours: Edmonton’s Best.


When my friend Liz from the Tongue in Chic told me about her plan to spend her last weekend before she moved to Columbia, going to some of Edmonton’s best places I was instantly in.

We decided the best way to showcase Edmonton and all it has to offer was compile a Luxurious Girls Weekend, staycation style. 

Our first stop was Tiramisu Bistro on 124th Street ! We went for lunch and it was a happening place!

I’ve been to Tiramisu before, quite a few times actually and have always been impressed with the service, timing and quality of delicious food.


For lunch we had the Pomodoro Bruschetta to start: Fresh diced tomato, garlic, basil, sea salt & peppers on house made crostini and it was absolutely FABULOUS.


For my main dish I had the Carbonara: Wild boar bacon with spaghetti tossed in creamy egg sauce, so delicious, filling and FRESH !

As always I was thoroughly impressed with the service and food!


Our second stop was Workhall, an Edmonton home grown clothing boutique that focuses on Slow Fashion.


(Workhall: Tia Top)

Their shop is an inspiring work space. Every piece is designed with care and great attention to detail. Their pieces are  beautiful, minimal ,great quality and insanely wearable. Many of their designs can be worn in at least 2 ways.

It was such a great place to start our mandatory shopping spree for our Girls Night out !


Our third stop was Kingsway Mall, because let’s be real: hours of shopping is always a must for a Girls Night.

We went to some adorable shops such as Brandy Melville, Forever 21 and Lush ! It was such a blast and on top of it all we got to take over the Mall’s Instagram/Snapchat stories for a few hours !


(Necklace: Workhall, Cupcake: Tiramisu Cafe)

After our mandatory shopping spree we finally had some downtime to check into the most chic hotel in the city: The Matrix. 


(Floral Dress: Forever 21-Kingsway)

The hotel itself was modern , posh and in the heart of downtown. The service the hotel provided from start to finish was nothing short of luxurious and glamorous.

We checked in and our bags were brought up to our room, we had an adorable view on the 14th floor and a damn good bottle of red wine awaiting us.

To top it all off they were nice enough to shuttle us around in their  complimentary Lexus all evening.


Suffice to say we were in PARADISE.


Being in the heart of downtown made dinner a daunting task, with so many options and me being a total foodie we were able to find the perfect fit: North 53. 

They offered classic cocktails with interesting twist,  had tons of options and some drinks were even served on fire. I highly recommend: “It’s lit fam”, and not just because of the name.

Between the 3 of us we split a delicious dinner & enjoyed spectacular cocktails all while in a super hip atmosphere.

We left feeling filled and thrilled not only with great selection of mouthwatering food but excited about the dramatic presentation of each dish. It was aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty.

Lastly, I fell in love with their neon sign.


Suffice to say our Girl’s Night was a total success.


** This post was sponsored, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

** Thank you to all the amazing people we worked with to make this post possible, it was a blast and we couldn’t have done it without your support**