Love Yourself Series

When people used to say  the words “Love Yourself” I’d cringe. Why you may ask?

1) I didn’t love myself or know who I was until I turned 19.

2) The idea of loving yourself and putting yourself first is a hard ass concept, at  least to me.

3) I wasn’t confident with who I was or myself.

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Manulife Place #ShowUsYourEdmontonStyle

 When Manulife Place asked me to take part in the Show Us Your Edmonton Style Campaign, I was obviously thrilled. In terms of luxe shopping Manulife Place is HEAVEN. They have so many amazing retailers that range from small locally owned boutiques such as Swish, Night Owl and Blu’s to Holt Renfrew. They also have great places to meet for a quick lunch like Zenari’s or if you’re feeling fancy you can eat at Holt’s Cafe— which is one of my personal favourite lunch spots.

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