Flying High with Air North #mcjtravels

Agh the joys of flying. After not travelling for about two years I’m happy to say that I remember why I love it so much, especially flying.

Full Disclosure: I’ve never been a nervous flyer, and I’ve been travelling solo since I was about five years old.

Although I am a nervous flyer until I get to the gate. Getting to my flight on time stresses me out, even though I’m always at the airport at least half an hour before the recommended time. I always have a fear that I won’t be allowed to fly or I’ll have packed to many liquids and be hauled off to security– yes I know this is irrational, BUT this is my only hatred when it comes to travelling.

Things that make travelling easy in my mind are the following:
-knowledge/information about the airline or place you are visiting
-being mindful of the time
-great service
-nice people

As most of you know by now I recently visited Whitehorse, Yukon and sincerely had my life changed you can read all about the things I did here.

Flying with Air North was another one of those “Ah-Ha” moments that will forever change my view on flying.

As a boutique airline they are able to pay attention details that really matter, as a result the service was immaculate from start to finish, booking was made simple with their online booking system and from the time you checked in to the time you arrived the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

They offer many options for travel such as “passes” which are EXTREMELY helpful for the consistent traveller, and are on sale to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday! These passes consist of multiple flights with no black out dates, flexible bookings, and a last minute booking option as well.

The passes are called:
-The Alaska Highway Pass
-Hudson Bay Pass
-Klondiker Pass

They have the only Flight Kitchen in Canada, and the food that comes out of it is amazing.

On our first flight we had:
-a delicious deli platter: olives, meat & cheese, grapes and crackers
-and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST a warm cookie (yes you read that right, a warm cookie on a plane)

On our second flight we had:
-a sandwich: the turkey sandwich is a must although they did offer ham, beef and a vegetarian option as well.

After previously working in the food industry I was so thrilled to see on our tour of the Air North HQ that they don’t OWN a freezer, all their food is prepped fresh daily just in time for your flight.

No detail is spared when it comes to your flight: touring their HQ made that very apparent. They care greatly about their staff and their customers which is something that makes a world of difference.

I will definitely be flying with Air North again.

Until we meet again…

**This post was sponsored, all thoughts & opinions are my own**

2 thoughts on “Flying High with Air North #mcjtravels

  1. This airline sounds like the best!!! I think I’d enjoy flying more if I got this special attention and care. Glad you’re having a blast travelling- can’t wait till you touch down in London πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    1. It seriously was heavenly! We had such a blast!

      I can’t wait! We touch down in London on April 4th and are there until April 9th <3

      We definitely need to meet up!


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