The Great White Yukon #mcjtravels

I went to the Yukon with low expectations & a completely wrong idea of what it is and how my trip would go. I was thrilled and excited to go but I didn’t expect visiting the Yukon to be a life changing experience.

For months I had been hearing about how beautiful Whitehorse is, and that the Yukon needed to be added to my ever growing my bucket list.. so I added it & have now checked it off. I can also now say that EVERYONE needs to go or add it to their bucket list.

What to pack:

Ok so I thought Edmonton was cold….. BUT it’s basically the same weather up there with a bit more wind. While we were visiting the temperature ranged anywhere from -15 – -20 degrees celsius so it truly was a Northern Excursion. If you’ve read some of my previous travel posts you’ll know that layers and me are best friends, this goes for Whitehorse as well: pack layers, toques, mittens, snow pants, parka and warm socks. You’ll need them.

What to do: 

If you’re a nature lover the Yukon was made for you. There are so many cool outdoor things to do and see… it really is a nature winter wonderland. Here are just a few of the things you NEED to do while up north:

-Snowmobiling & Icefishing

-Visit the Takhini Hot Springs 

-Get a tour at the Wildlife Preserve 

-See the Northern Lights

-Shop at some of the local stores:

-Seasons Galleria was by far my favorite clothing store to shop

-Visit the Shed and get your hair done for a night on the town

-Check out the shops in Horwoods Mall: they have a FABULOUS cheese store

Our trip coincided with the Sourdough Rendezvous Festival which is the ultimate winter festival that holds contests which you can enter into, competitions and of course big parties all to bring people together in the community, nationally and internationally to celebrate the Yukon.

Where to Eat: 

The food scene isn’t huge by any stretch in Whitehorse but the food that is there is pretty damn good. Here is the short list of places that are totally drool worthy:

Burnt Toast

Big Bear Donair 

Hue Oasis 

Cafe Balzam

and last but definitely the most noteworthy dining on the list was our mouth watering food at the Inn on The Lake. I really like food, pretty much any and all kinds, but give me a memorable 3 course meal that seriously changes how I think about certain foods? Life changing.

The Inn has an in-house chef named Troy King, he is not only delightful and friendly but was also more than willing to educate you on your food, what you’re eating and how he is cooking it. We ate  a few mouth watering meals while we were at the Inn:

Meal #1:

Carrot Ginger Soup

Chicken with German dumplings

New York Cheesecake with Strawberries

Meal #2:

Now our 2nd meal was QUITE  a memorable experience for myself. Colton and I had actually already ate that night, and as he wasn’t feeling good so we retired to our cottage for the evening…. Troy (the in-house chef) came and knocked on our door to personally deliver us a plate of Elk. I had never tried Elk before so this was definitely memorable.

Thinly Sliced Elk with  Potato Cauliflower Mashed and Asparagus

The cost of Dinner was  $40.00/per person, it was totally worth it.

Where to Stay: 

The Inn on the Lake became our home away from home while we were in Whitehorse. The Inn is located 30 minutes from White Horse on Marsh Lake. The Inn was comfortable and cozy with friendly and very accomodating staff.  For meals you were able to eat with everyone, it was really interesting because we met people from all over the world: Mexico, USA and Japan were just a few of the countries the various travellers visiting were from.

We stayed in 2 different rooms while there:

The Metal Room
The Metal Room was great for a quick overnight stay, it was simple and did the trick- two single beds, a shower and a bathroom.


The Fireweed Cottage 

The Fireweed Cottage was absolutely beautiful with two bedrooms: 3 queens and one single bed the cottage sleeps 7 comfortably. It has a fully stocked kitchen, an amazing fireplace and of course a hot tub. The views were breath-taking.

Last but not least the real reason you need to add the Yukon to your bucket list…

The Northern Lights.

Until we meet again…

**This post was sponsored, all thoughts & opinions are my own**

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  1. Wow! Amazing! I am planning to visit Yukon sometime in the Fall specifically to see Northern Lights! Your post is truly inspiring and gives me some ideas, thank you! Great to know you enjoyed your stay!

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