Brunch Girl.


I’m a brunch girl, if I could eat fancy food every day for the rest of my life I would be more than happy. There are very few people that know how much I love food. Let me tell you,  I’m a total foodie.

Naturally when my man sent me the link to a article from Highsnobiety detailing the drop of DONUT VANS , I immediately fell in love and had to have them.

I began my search for the limited edition donut shoes, and to my shock NOWHERE in my city had them. I had to have them shipped in from Calgary after speaking with the nice lady from Vans who told me they were the only store in Alberta that would even be stocking these shoes.

As a result of all this insanity, I am now the proud owner of Donut Vans. 


Thankfully I was able to snag these shoes in the knick of time to create the most perfect brunch inspired outfit.


After being sent a few goodies from Dressfo I knew I had to style them in an fresh and creative way to do the pieces some justice.

My coffee sweater was PERFECT.


The shoes and the sweater paired so perfectly together that I couldn’t resist doing a full on brunch inspired outfit.

My coffee sweater was beyond popular and sold out but you can shop a similar brunch inspired sweater here!


When Dressfo initially reached out to me to collaborate I was thrilled!

After  previously working with their sister company Dezzal I knew whatever I ordered would be brilliant.

The sweater fit perfectly and is a great piece for fall to layer with. It’s minimal, comfy and extremely wearable.


Photography was done by the lovely Karly Ford.

**I was gifted this sweater to style and review, all thought and opinions are my own**

4 thoughts on “Brunch Girl.

  1. OHH MYYY GOODDD! Those vans are AMAZING! And if the top said ‘tea first’ I’m totally game for it (oh how very British of me lol) love love LOVE the photography and review
    Again amazing blog!!!

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