Fall Trends 2017 & Life Update


After a long break I can say I’m finally ready to come back to blogging. To be blunt I fell out of love with writing and felt uninspired, my summer despite my Instagram photos was a rough one—there was a lot going on behind the scenes I was dealing with and now have officially dealt with which means I can come back full force, I feel re-inspired and ready to take on the world yet again.

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Santa Fe Travel Guide: The Must-See’s

When I travel, I love to travel to places that are unique, cultured and full of things to do & see! Santa Fe was definitely that, I was recently invited to visit by the Tourism Board of Santa Fe for a trip with 6 other creatives and sincerely had the time of my life! Santa Fe, New Mexico was nothing like I imagined and exceeded every expectation I had going into the trip!

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Love Yourself Series

When people used to say  the words “Love Yourself” I’d cringe. Why you may ask?

1) I didn’t love myself or know who I was until I turned 19.

2) The idea of loving yourself and putting yourself first is a hard ass concept, at  least to me.

3) I wasn’t confident with who I was or myself.

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