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As most of you know by now 2017 was a year of travel for me, I’m happy to announce that again I will be travelling a ton in 2018.

Over the past year I was lucky enough to visit places like London, Amsterdam, Paris, NYC , Toronto , Montreal and MANY more.

Prior to travelling anywhere new I always like to pre-plan brands I want to meet with as well as places I NEED to stop & shop at.
When I started to do my research for my trip to Montreal I luckily stumbled upon La Canadienne Shoes. They design classical, elegant and weather proof shoes made for anyone and everyone. The have shoes for the “IT” girl, shoes for the edgy and also classy minimalistic shoes as well.

To say I have fallen in love with the brand is an understatement.

I first visited their shop in Westmount, located on Sherbrooke St. in Montreal, and was greeted with complete delight. Their sales associates are friendly, inviting and BEYOND knowledgable. They were so nice to me even though I tried on a million pairs of shoes and was SO beyond indecisive about what I wanted.

My first pair of shoes that I got from them are their beautiful “Moroni” shoes in Bordeaux. I was torn between the “Moroni” and the “Bevy” and took forever to decide because they were SO different but I fell in love with both. After finally deciding and proceeding to wear them on repeat almost immediately I absolutely fell more in love with the brand. Their shoes are comfortable, chic and wearable which is so rare. Having been around for 45+ years they definitely know what goes into making the perfect shoe.

This bring us to now, after loving working with them so much the first time I had to have another pair and can now say I’m the proud owner of their “Bevy” boots!

The company is not only amazing to work with but was so helpful in finding the proper sizes, addressing all my worries and teaching me how to properly care for my shoes.

I have definitely fallen in love with the brand.

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