What to Pack: Santa Fe Edition

Lately I’ve been day dreaming about my travels, specifically my travels to Santa Fe with Tourism Board.

My trip to Santa Fe such a whirlwind trip and definitely one of best trips I’ve ever been on, with the weather starting to get cold back at home I can feel myself itching to get away to some warmer climates again!

My last travel post explored the “Must-See’s” of Santa Fe so I thought it was only fitting to do a post about what to pack, what I actually brought & what I didn’t but should’ve!

What I brought: 

-My Passport, My Camera and of course my laptop

-4 pairs of shoes: wedges, strappy sandals, a pair of birkenstocks, heels

-3 shirts: a plain white tee, a gingham top a crop top & a teddy bear sweater

-4 dresses: a floral flowy one, a white plain dress, a striped crochet coverup and a striped t-shirt dress

-2 rompers (short ones)

-I also brought a pair of dark denimas well as black & tan lace-up shorts

-2 wide brimmed hats

-TONS of sunscreen

Santa Fe has a climate that shocked me, their weather was warm but not as warm as I thought it was going to be. While I was there the temperatures remained in the mid-high 20’s but it was very cool in the mornings and at night– their climate just like ours & has 4 seasons!

What I should have brought: 

-My Passport, My Camera and of course my laptop

-3 pairs of shoes: strappy sandals, wedges and a pair of cute sneakers

-3 shirts: ( I definately nailed this one– I wouldn’t have changed a thing)

-6 dresses: I should have brought 6 flowing maxi’s for photos and for comfort, I always find dresses are so comfortable and you could really wear them anywhere in Santa Fe. I would bring bohemian style ones with LOADS of colours !

-2 rompers (I think I nailed this one as well!)

-2 pairs of jeans & 2 pairs of shorts

-2 wide brimmed hats

-TONS of sunscreen

Last but DEFINITELY not least I would’ve brought more sweaters and jackets, I found when the temperature got cold it got really chilly really quickly if I could do it again I would definitely pack more layers!

I would love to visit Santa Fe again, it was absolutely stunning and when I do this time I’ll know what to bring!


Until next time…

Photography was done by Hayley Plotkin of @readysetjetset



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