10 things I wish I knew when I started blogging


Today I decided it was time to share a bit of my journey of being a full-time blogger, as I just passed my one year anniversary I feel that I’ve learned a lot…

Blogging is hard af

Blogging is hard, for real. There is a lot of work involved in almost everything you do– research, photos, writing , editing and then you have to learn how to pitch, how to create a media kit, a rate card…. The list goes on forever.

Expect long ass hours & days

When I first decided I was going to start blogging as more than a hobby I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, I quickly learned that between managing your social media channels, taking photos & writing content as well as responding to e-mails you could expect to work anywhere from 60-80 hours/a week. As I’m a workaholic I’ve found finding the balance can be incredibly hard.

Do your research before you start

When I first started I didn’t even know the difference between self hosted and hosted– the lesson I learned from having to make that dreaded change was do your research before your start: look into self hosting options from the start such as bluehost, wix, godaddy , squarespace etc.

It could save you hours down the road as well as keep your headaches to a minimum.

Hire a graphic designer or buy an etsy template you love but if you don’t know anything about coding (like me),  don’t try and learn in 3 days to build a new website- believe me, I’ve been there.

Writing takes a lot of time & research

For me one of the hardest parts of being a blogger is actually “blogging” , I love taking the photos, the events, the networking , Instagram and now Youtube BUT I find writing a post can be one of the hardest things to do depending on your skills. It takes a lot of time to be able to write a blog post that not only has an outstanding SEO but is also relevant and “on brand”.

Branding is hard , really hard

Always being on brand is tough, at least at first. For a while I really struggled to figure out what my brand really meant to me. I quickly learned that my brand was about who I was and I really needed to capture that– in March of 2017 I completely redid my logo, my signature and my site to best capture me.

Pink , flowers and colorful. I started branding myself with using words such as: unicorn, edgy & chic. Overtime the process of being more consistent with my branding meant being real with blogging, instagramming and all walks of life.

You have to create- consistently

This is one that I find I’ve personally really struggled with, for the past 2 months writing a blog was hard, I was uninspired and drained: burnout is the term that comes to mind. This is exactly where I was at… THANKFULLY I’ve gotten over that and as many of you know am back to creating.

Last weekend I went to Drumheller with the sole purpose of taking photos for my Blog and Instagram, I started a Youtube Channel & I’ve gotten back into content creation.

One of the things that has helped me most through working through my burnout has been going back to the basics of why I started blogging, what inspires me and writing about things I love.

There’s no guidebook

Actually there is, many. I’ve bought at least 10 and have learned the same thing in different words from each of them.

You have to be willing to push out of your comfort zone, work long hours and be different. You need to stand out.


A lot of the knowledge I’ve gained has come from other bloggers and people in the industry. I’ve learned so much from just asking: opinions, advice, how to do things .. you name it! It’s helped me grow as a blogger and has been one of the main reasons I’ve had success. Don’t be afraid to ask.



Find a suppport group 

Having a support group can be so beneficial, it allows you to talk with other in the industry as well as bounce ideas off each other. For me having a support group has really helped me on the “off days” as well as when I’m in dire need of a girls night out.

Enjoy it

Last but DEFINITELY not least, enjoy it. Blogging can be so fun for so many reasons so make sure you take the time to enjoy it, bask in it and love what you do.

Photography was done by Sara Jewell 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below !


Until next time…

29 thoughts on “10 things I wish I knew when I started blogging

  1. You totally nailed it with consistency, Robin, I had to shut down my food blog because I wasn’t posting enough and it was stressing me out. Now that I am focusing on my business (writing) blog, I’m happier because I get to write about more than just food and really showcase my talents. The hard part is being patient with developing a following and getting engagement and just keeping with it. I think what I struggle with the most is not knowing if my words are actually being read and appreciated, but if I reach just one person, I feel like it’s a success.

    1. I totally agree! I find for me one of the hardest things is that consistency.. THANKFULLY I’m starting to be inspired again & like you said even if one person reads it and appreciates it, it means I’ve done well! – xx

  2. Wonderful blog Miss Robin! I find the writing part of any blog to be th most challenging for me as well…but itsounds like you have the pushinf yourself out of your comfort zone, working long hours and being different down, girl!!

  3. What a fab post! I think as bloggers we all started for the fun of it (most of us at least) and didn’t realize what a commitment it would end up being. I had no idea that I would work as many hours as a full time job if not more. But the love of it, the passion, that’s what drives us. Of course there are times where we need some inspo and writing posts can be challenging especially to be creative and thoughtful about the post, but I love that we can share our insights and passions for everyone to read. Thanks for these tips for newbies and for bloggers like me who just like to know that others share the same struggles and love for blogging! xoxo, Christine
    Daily Kongfidence

  4. Robin, this post means so much! I’ve been blogging for some time now, and I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one to find it’s hard and time consuming. I wish I knew your tips earlier in my blogging journey because they would have helped tremendously. Doing research on self hosting is definitely a really good one. And branding is one of the areas I struggle with as well. Some bloggers take no time to find their branding, but some (including me) takes forever!

    -Lily | http://www.withlovelilyrose.com

  5. I wish I had a tutor for blogging when I started lol! I did’t know how difficult it is! I spend hours and days sitting at my computer and writing texts!
    Love your tattoos and hair color – so so amazing!


  6. These are some amazing tips! Consistency is definitely key to being a successful blogger and it’s definitely the hardest part to do! I’m just like you when it comes to writing a blog post… I love everything else about blogging but the writing.. but it’s something that gets better with time! You’ve come such a long way!! Xo

  7. Ahhhh I absolutely loved this! You are so spot on with this haha

    I wish I had someone to tell me all this before but even if they did, I think I still would have gone ahead and done it.

    It’s definitely worth it and seeing your hard work pay off must be amazing too ❤️❤️

  8. I can totally relate and I’m really glad I had the opportunity to read this because it’s exactly what I’ve been feeling! I’m a total workaholic and the problem is I’m that way with everything- my teaching job and my parenting and the blogging- so it’s easy to get stressed out. I am glad I’m not the only one who loved it but also struggles with the commitment and constant creating. Definitely a support group has helped me.

  9. Oh girl you totally nailed this post spot on!! I love how honest you are and how open you are always about sharing information and things you have learned. Blogging is so competitive these days, many girls aren’t even willing to share a name or email or contact in fear that others may get ahead. And yes it is super time consuming, I mean the amount of dedication we put in to launch our little digital space is really is unimaginable and only fellow bloggers would understand. But the reward to see the fruit of our labor makes everything worth it. Get it girl, let’s help each other grow and push through!

    xo Sheree

  10. You post is totally on point! Blogging is definitely so time consuming!!! My day job is all about research and writing, can’t believe I picked up something else in the field (research & writing), at least fashion is more fun than research and writing about oil and gas!! lol. You are so true about asking questions, but sometimes, I found many of the bloggers really been withholding and don’t really like to share the resources. >< How sad.

    xx, Jessie

  11. You post is totally on point! Blogging is definitely so time consuming!!! My day job is all about research and writing, can’t believe I picked up something else in the field (research & writing), at least fashion is more fun than research and writing about oil and gas!! lol. You are so true about asking questions, but sometimes, I found many of the bloggers really been withholding and don’t really like to share the resources. >< How sad.

    xx, Jessie

  12. This post is great, I just start my blog 2 months ago and I can agree with you 100%. I’ve already made so many mistakes and I will do in the future, but first time in my life I feel like I found my place, so all these struggles just worth it.
    Thank you for your advises!

  13. This post is great, I just start my blog 2 months ago and I can agree with you 100%. I’ve already made so many mistakes and I will do in the future, but first time in my life I feel like I found my place, so all these struggles just worth it.
    Thank you for your advises!

  14. This is everything! So true girl. I couldn’t have said it better. It’s definitely a LOT of work. I started it as a hobby too and somehow it’s evolving into an entirely different thing. I do feel blessed that I’m doing this but also it’s good to sometimes have a reality check and reflect on how far you’ve come. Thanks for sharing

  15. Blogger is seriously hard AF. So many people assume that it’s such an easy job, but it’s really not. I can’t do blogging full time because it takes up so much time. You’re totally right about the hours. Marketing yourself is a full time job, let alone writing, taking photos, location scouting, etc etc. One thing that I would definitely do differently is branding. I didn’t know this when I started, but I probably would have chosen a brand name that was shorter or easier to remember. My social channels don’t match and that’s such a bummer now. I agree with the support groups. It’s definitely nice to have a blogger community where you can encourage one anther.

    Maggie S.

  16. Happy Blogiverasry! Congrats on one year! I love all of your tips! A lot of people don’t realize how much work blogging actually is! It is a full time job! Consistency is key! I try to blog at least once a week and post on my social media channels every day! I agree with you! “Blogging” is the hardest part! I am much more visual, than I am a writer, I find it hard coming up with content to write sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. These are some great tips!
    Yes it’s hard isn’t it! Everyone thinks you just get sent stuff sit back and relax but yes the reality it completely different.
    Keeping on brand is so important and sometimes I wanna do crazy things but I know what my audience and brands expect of me so I try to stick to that especially on Instagram.
    On other platforms I can let loose a little bit more.
    Wordpress is really great my fav.
    Yay to your YouTube channel.
    Natalia k

  18. Hey Love,
    Hows you?
    Totally relate to this post and Agree with Everything:)
    Your Tips were sooo Useful:) Thank you:)
    Blogging is not easy and Takes a lot Time and Hard work but worth it. I love sooo much:)
    I am a full time Blogger and it was not easy to leave my job but Glad I did:)
    Love and Happy Week
    Open Kloset By Karina

  19. Wow this is amazing! Honestly this is super relatable. I can totally agree with the fact that it takes lots and lots of hours. I mean somedays I’ll sit down and start working in the morning and before I know it it’s getting dark out. But not gonna lie, at the end of the day it’s all worth it! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post, I loved reading about it.


  20. Great tips! When I got started I went in blindly and honestly I’m still not 100% sure I know what I’m doing LOL. People totally don’t realize how long it takes – and how many hours I put in to social media alone. I still don’t think my family even gets what I do. I agree about asking questions but my problem is that whenever I reached out to bigger bloggers they either ignored me or gave half answers. I found that google and youtube were my best friends. It’s so important to build a network of friends in the industry. I’m still working on that too LOL.

  21. I love this post Robin, everything you said is so true. When I started blogging I had no freaking clue what I was doing . I thought oh I just create outfits, post them and that’t it. One year went by and I realized that I had to actually engage on IG and connect with other bloggers which I never did when I started. As you mention, connecting with other bloggers is one of the best advise I can give. Same as you, I have bought so many books and I felt they are all for the money rather than teaching you, support groups and connecting with other bloggers is the key to learning about blogging. Everyday you learn something new. Also my hardest part is blogging, writing content is my biggest challenge that sometimes I feel like I want to quit. Glad to have met you through this blogging community, congrats on one year!

    Aurela x

  22. The thing is I kind of knew what I was getting into when I began blogging, but I wasn’t really expecting to work 24/7 and that’s probably what I struggle with the most, that is, not working too much. I need to find balance in life and do something else than actually work too. I totally get the issues you mention here and will need to remind myself of why I began blogging: because it’s supposed to be and actually IS a whole lot of fun. And oh, almost forgot, but I do love the outfit for this photo shoot and congrats on starting a YouTube channel. That’s in my pipeline as well… when they make the day 48 hours long that is, haha.
    Thomas xx

  23. Dead on girl! Blogging is definitely more difficult than my full time day job! lol Hopefully I can make blogging my full time soon though too! I think I struggled a lot with branding at first. I’ve rebranded twice, but finally found where I wanted to be and staying put. Now, I’m struggling with consistency due to still working full time, planning a wedding, and we just recently moved. So this year has been a complete pain, but I still love it and want to continue perfecting my craft. Good luck with everything, I know you will continue to succeed! 🙂

  24. Hey Robin!! That’s totally spot on in the tips! I totally agree with having a consistent theme across all the platforms but I find it so difficult to implement it and sustain it. One part that I am still struggling is this consistency cos I probably have too many things that I like and wonder how I can try to streamline my choices. We all struggle with the Long hours and lack of inspiration and I also keep reminding myself when I get Low on motivation on why I am doing this and how I enjoy it.


  25. So good of you to share all you have learned-
    Dropping some truth! I’m always in awe of people who assume we just take pretty pictures and that blogging is a breeze- if they only knew! Between the early mornings, late nights, and drive to push yourself to stand out of the crowd- it’s def a lot. Solidarity and unicorn love!

  26. I just started a blog myself and found a bunch of really inspiring Yeg bloggers like you on IG. It’s honestly really reassuring and nice to read a blog post on the ups and downs of blogging and leaves me further inspired to keep going & working hard to make it like all these other amazing blogger bosses. Thanks so much for being so down to earth & sharing you sage advice 👏🏻🙌🏻🌺😊

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