Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

When I think of beauty, I think of how many products we use on a regular basis that we don’t know are horrible for our skin.

Last year I made the decision to be a concious shopper, to know where the things I was buying were coming from. From beauty to clothing I try to stay true to that decision.

When I think of Canmore I think of a few things: the moutains, natural beauty, nature and serenity are all words that come to mind.

I now add Rocky Moutain Soap Co. to that list.

When I visited Canmore last I had the pleasure of touring their HQ.

It’s a rarity to see a brand that brands themselves as “100% Natural and Handmade” actually stick to their word, Rocky Moutain Soap Co. has done just that and it’s evident in all their products and their HQ.

From start to finish their space is not only beautiful, well thought out and nature inspired but it’s a creative space for people to learn and work in.

All things aside my favorite part about the tour must have been all the smells, the entire HQ smelt like heaven & as if that wasn’t enough they have a place called the “Soap Room”.

If you’re a beauty and bath person, think of a pile of beautifully colored and scented soaps…. now multiply it by about 10 rows and you’ve got the “Soap Room”.

The room had every single soap you could basically dream of.

To say the visit was a success is a total understatement!

If you’re ever in Canmore, I definitely recommend taking a visit to their HQ!Β 

Psst: I also got a ton of goodies that I have been testing and trying out over the past month or so; stay tuned for a full review on Rocky Moutain Soap Co. !

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