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robin_nov_kfp16_57 (Photographer: Karly Ford)

More often than not, I realize I don’t have very many staple pieces in my wardrobe. When it comes to my closet I too often opted out of neutrals and basics, of course over time this has changed.

I didn’t own a fancier jacket or a white “blouse”until recently. I had a grey trench , and other white shirts but I realized I didn’t have 2 very BASIC staple pieces in my wardrobe.

robin_nov_kfp16_18  (Photographer: Karly Ford)

When Sash Boutique contacted me, I decided to make a game plan.

A proper one , to get some basic pieces back in my wardrobe.

Their online boutique offers a huge selection of fabulous pieces, from dainty bras to fancy coats it’s an amazing “one stop shop”.

robin-have-mercy-9 (Photographer: Jesse Martineau)

I was able to find what I now call my “favorite coat“, a trendy pair of black suede leggings, and a beautiful white blouse.

The pieces were quality, classic and elegant. Clearly my game plan worked. I will definitely be shopping with them again !

robin_nov_kfp16_37   (Photographer: Karly Ford)


Photography was done by Karly Ford & Jesse Martineau 

** I was gifted these pieces to style & review, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

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