Not Perfect Linen.


Consciously shopping has changed how I purchase, wear and buy things. Over time it subliminally sunk into my head that quality over quantity is best, and that you should know where your clothing comes from.

Clothing should make you feel good, fit effortlessly and make you happy.


 not Perfect Linen is a perfect fit for that. Not only does it come from a consciously made place but it was also hassle free.

The idea of the clothing is for it to be simple, versatile and comfy.

It is made from the best of fabrics and made simply. It isn’t supposed to be perfectly ironed or hard to get on, like many beautiful pieces are. It’s supposed to be easy, effortless and natural feeling.


It is some of the comfiest clothing I’ve EVER been able to add to my wardrobe.

You can shop the pieces above here:

Washed Linen Top 

Long Sleeve Dress

T-Shirt Dress 

** I was gifted these pieces to style & review, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

Photography was done by Karly Ford & Tye Eldridge

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