Spa Day: #yeg edition

Spa Days are one of the few things I’ve really tried to incorporate into my lifestyle over the past year, in my last post I talked about Self Love and what it means to me… I also mentioned how a Spa Day can be so important to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body.

Recently the EIE MediSpa had their grand re-opening and invited me to try their services– so of course I said yes!

I went right after my trip to NYC and could really tell me body needed it: I chose to go with their Spa Package — which included a mani, pedi and a facial!

I go for mani’s and pedi’s on a monthly basis because I love having my nails done but I had never had a facial before so I was a bit nervous about the whole experience as I didn’t know what to expect.

I was greeted by their wonderful staff and taken into a room with a super cozy bed and was told that my services would start with the facial and end with the mani and pedi.

My esthetician was absolutely lovely, she asked if I had any questions about my services or any problem areas with my skin that I was concerned about before starting.

I have very dry skin– that breaks out quite often as I’m still relatively young. I find my biggest problem areas are my chin, my forehead right above my nose and my cheeks.

She walked me through what to expect and was so kind to answer my bazillion questions!

The facial treatment consisted of:

Cleanse x2- cleansing gel & then an exfoliating cleanser.

Exfoliate- multi scrub foaming exfoliant: this helps get rid of dead skin cells and uncovers the fresh new cells underneath.

Steam- yes you read that right, they steam your face and it’s heavenly it also helps to open up your pores.

Extractions- removes break outs and any black/white heads from your face.

Toner- helps to bring back the pH balance of your skin.

Massage- a face massage? yes please.

Mask- collagen mask is used to hydrate and help plump the skin.

Serum- penetrates deeper into the skin to help target skin problems.

Eye Cream- to help with bags and dry skin.

Moisturize- the last step is to moisturize!

And of course the much needed After Care steps (to ensure you don’t undo the benefits of getting a facial in the first place)

Cleanse and Moisturize- this is an EVERYDAY THING , you can exfoliate as normal after 5 days post facial!

Exfoliate- you should be doing this 2-3x a week.

Mask- you should be using a mask 2-3x a week.

Use “safe” and mineral makeup, this helps to not clog your pores.

Last but not least– facials should be done every 4-6 weeks!

Thanks you to EIE for having me for such a relaxing morning and if you’re in #yeg you definitely need to check them out !





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